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Clean Your Watch

Soft brush

Soft brush

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Specially developed brush for effective and safe cleaning of your watch and steel watch strap. Made from FSC oak from the Black Forest and high-quality 100% horsehair.

  • Suitable for use on stainless steel, precious metals, rubber and leather.
  • Clean thoroughly and scratch-free
  • 100% natural products

Customer Reviews

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David Brün
Great Brush for thorough cleaning

Nice to handle beacause of the shape and size.


NB! Always check whether your watch is waterproof and make sure that the crown is completely closed!

1. Spray the Cleaning Spray directly on the watch and the steel strap. Spray generously so that the liquid can thoroughly loosen the dirt. (If your watch is very dirty, rinse it under the tap first).

2. Use the CyW brush to thoroughly clean the watch and rinse with water.

3. After step 2, if your watch is very dirty, first rinse it under the tap or in a bowl of lukewarm water. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the dirt is gone.

4. Dry the watch with the long fiber side of the soft nano cloth.

5. Spray the Shine&Protect Spry on the watch and leave it for 10 sec. work in.

6. Use the short fiber side of the CyW nanocloth to dry and polish to a radiant result.

Why should I clean my watch?

It is good to clean your watch regularly for several reasons:

  • Preserving functionality : Dirt, dust and sweat can impede the operation of the watch, causing it to function less well or even stop completely.

  • Appearance and presentation: A clean watch looks better and can improve your outfit and personal presentation.

  • Hygiene : A watch that is not cleaned can become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if worn during physical activity or in hot, humid conditions. This can lead to skin irritations and other health problems.

In short, regular cleaning of your watch can extend its life, improve its appearance and promote hygiene.

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