About us

Clean Your Watch was conceived and developed by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts. We found that there are few really good products with which you can clean and care for your precious timepiece at home, at the office or on the road. Many people therefore walk with the question; "how can I clean my watch?"

Usually the advice is to use an old toothbrush with some soap. We can tell from our own experience that this is far from a good way to clean your watch. High chance of scratches and soap is far from good for the materials your watch is made of. Soap can be aggressive and corrosive. In addition, soap creates a dirty greasy layer and accumulation of dirt in small cracks and under, for example, the lunette (bezel).

We think that should be different because you don't want to clean your watch, which has sometimes cost thousands of euros, with an old toothbrush and cheap soap, do you? That is why we started Clean Your Watch and developed this high-end cleaning set. We hope to give you the best tools to make your watch shine like new again!